by Shannon O’Leary
“Some friends of mine and me stayed up all through the night. Rockin’ pretty steady till the sky went light…” -Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers
It’s Saturday morning and you’re realizing that no amount of mimosas and eggs benedict
is capable of curing the wicked hangover you developed over night partying to the music
of Maroon 5. Day #1 of Bottlerock Napa Valley (2017) was an extravaganza to say the
least. Of course you and your friends first stop could have been Rapid Recovery
Hydration Solutions to try to prevent that Hangover with a treatment on Friday. But
instead the first stop was the Bourbon and Beer Garden to quench your thirst with craft
brews in the mid-day heat and fuel your dance moves for the day.

You go all day, and possibly forget to drink enough water in the Napa Valley heat.
Regardless, you enthusiastically get down to the California Honey Drops and Modest
Mouse with appropriate pit stops in one of the dozens of wine cabanas to savor famous
vintners wide selection of vino. Since you’re crew is still riding the first festival of the
summer high, you even head out to the after party to catch Jessica Hernandez & the
Deltas. A long night to say the least…

And here we are, Day #2, your body is ready to throw in the towel for the rest of the
weekend and leave you throbbing and miserable on the side lines. You think to yourself
‘How the do rock stars have the stamina to rock all day and party all night?’ Must be a
luxury you can’t afford. Luckily, you don’t have to be a VIP to get into The Sutter Health
Wellness Spa by Live Love Spa to find the Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions booth.
You scan the menu of treatment options from IV hydration fluids with vitamin and feel
good medications to quick vitamin B injections. You land on the ‘After Party Antidote’
to give your body max hydration and a cocktail of Vitamins and minerals and a few
medications to make your headache go away and your stomach feel better, to take you
from ‘Zero to Hero’ and feeling like a rock star in no time! Looks like you’re going to
make it to Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers and the Foo Fighters after all.
IV fluids and vitamins are the most rapid way to correct dehydration and energize. We
aren’t saying that your body can’t catch up on it’s own, but “Ain’t nobody got time for
that” when the weekend is so short and there is so much good music to dance to and wine
and brews to sample.

Book appointments ahead between 11:30 am to 7:30 pm to beat the lines at: http://
We will be offering some specials as well: “Buy a round of Shots for your friends and
yours is free!” (Minimum Purchase of 3 Vitamin B injections to get one free)
Anyone can party like a rockstar, but can you recover like a rockstar???!!!
Very VIP Service Available in Napa before 11 am each morning of the festival. Email us
for details and pricing for this delivery service for Groups. We only have a couple
appointments available each morning where our nurses come to you.

Hydration for Spartan World Championship Race Lake Tahoe Beast Weekend at Squaw Valley Athletes and Adjusting to Altitude with Hydration

By Cata Callahan, NP

You’ve been training for months for the Spartan Race: running, strength training swimming, or biking almost daily. Eating the right nutrition (maybe with a few cheat treats here and there; you deserve it!) Finally, it’s time for the race and you head to the mountains!

One problem: you’ve been living at sea level and Lake Tahoe is above 6000 ft. How do you keep from being so affected by the altitude? HYDRATION!

The best way to start is WATER. And I mean TONS of it. The recommended daily amount for the average person is 2-3 Liters per day. As an athlete, you often need at least 1-2 additional Liters just to hit your baseline. In addition to this basic human need, you also need to increase your electrolyte consumption to avoid hyponatremia, or low sodium, which can be caused by an increase in water intake without an appropriate adjustment in electrolytes. Unfortunately, finding this perfect balance can still be a little tricky. Additionally, drinking this much liquid makes for a very full stomach, something that is not ideal during competitions. Most people often fall prey to the minor but annoying ailments of altitude sickness, including headaches, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and in general just not feeling up to the peak potential.

If you’re getting ready to compete in a race, now is not the time to experiment with hydration and hope for the best! You’ve trained hard and want your efforts to show, maybe aiming for a PR or attempting your first Spartan Beast or Ultra Beast.

In particular, the Spartan Race goes above and beyond normal running competitions. You are facing grueling obstacles interspersed between miles of racing. Getting dehydrated can set you back and prevent you from achieving your goals and possibly prevent you from finishing.

At Rapid Recovery, we have just the solution! Try a Liter of IV fluid pre-race or our Altitude Adjustment or Pre-Performance Package; packed with the perfect balance of vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals in 1000 mL of Lactated Ringers, a solution composed of Sodium Chloride, Sodium Lactate, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, and Water. This saves you the time and headache of attempting to balance your body with experimental solutions. Our team is comprised of fully trained and qualified healthcare providers, all of whom have worked in the hospital for years hydrating patients.

Let us help you have your best race yet! Get hydrated with Rapid Recovery and prove that you are a true Spartan by finishing strong!

10% discount if you book your treatment ahead of time and 15% off if you book a treatment pre and post racing. VIEW OUR SPARTAN MENU HERE!!

Book ahead for morning or afternoon by emailing [email protected] or on the website at .

Booth Location in the Village at Squaw Valley.

Sept 30th: 8am-3pm (With the possibility of staying open later) 

October 1st-2nd: 7am-7pm

Delivery Available after hours for an additional fee dependent on provider availability.
A credit card and exp. date will be needed to hold a reservation but will not be charged unless you cancel within the 24hr window at which time you will be charged $25.


Energy, Hydration and Balance for Burning Man (Vitamin B Shots and IV Hydration)

Don’t just survive, thrive!

By Debbie Fajans, CRNA

It’s that time of year again…. No, I am not talking about when the kids go back to school. I am talking about that time of year when the costume boxes come back out and goggles are no longer just something used for swimming. The time of year when the masses make their way through Reno on their annual pilgrimage to The Playa. When the Reno airport actually gets crowded and Savemart fills their parking lots with water. When you can buy costumes at the local Whole Foods and the Mill Fabric Store has the largest selection of colored fur fabric in the world!

Burners will be coming from far and near to a place where individuality and creativity is celebrated in every way you can imagine and in a million ways you never imagined. The playa is one of the best art museums in the world and home to some of the best healing centers. To those who go, it is the community and love that keeps us coming back. It is the random dance parties on every corner and the way the night lights up. It is definitely not the dust storms or the cold nights, but the people we meet and connections we make. It is the gifts that we give and the gifts that we receive and the memories we make that last a lifetime!

When heading out to the playa it is important to remember to take care of yourself first and foremost. As a medical professional I have learned that I can’t really take care of others unless I take care of myself. The high desert of Northern Nevada is a harsh environment. The sun is stronger at altitude, so protection with hats and sunscreen is vital. Try to get some sleep and eat real meals. Carry a hydration pack with you at all times and drink water, juice, and electrolyte drinks throughout the day and night.

The altitude and desert environment is a double whammy for trying to stay hydrated and balanced. Sleep deprivation, substance abuse and non-stop physical activity take a toll on your body inside and out. There is a difference between simply surviving a burn and functioning optimally throughout the experience. Consider supplementing with extra vitamins and minerals. You will need extra B vitamins, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Calcium to help you stay balanced.

Consider visiting one of Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions pop-up locations in Reno to get energized, hydrated and balanced pre-burn with a B shot or a Pre-Burner Booster treatment. We will also be selling Dr. Cory’s Party Pax of Vitamins to take with you to the playa. After the burn we will be at the Grand Sierra Resort to rehydrate you and get you back peak performance with our Post-Playa Rapid Recovery so that you can return to your life with energy to decompress.

Rapid Recovery is a local burner owned concierge medical business. We offer delivery services around the Reno and Tahoe area with a delivery fee. And for the next couple weeks we will also have the pop-up locations listed below:

Pre-Burn Reno Locations 

Vitamin Injections 

Whole Foods Parking Lot 

6931 S. Virginia St. 485 

Aug 28th-Aug 31st 


All Treatments 

Reno Flying Company (by appointment only)

485 South Rock Blvd 

August 27th-September 5th

9am-5pm (Call 1 hour ahead of desired appt. time) 

Post-Burn Location 

Grand Sierra Resort Depressurization Event 

2500 E. 2nd St. 

Sept 4th-8th 


Check out Dr. Cory’s Playa Survival Guide here




Prepare Your Body for an Energized and Balanced Burning Man Experience

By Kami Dunbar, NP

Every year Reno welcomes the parade of Burners on their way to the Playa for an event celebrating community, art, love and generosity.  It’s well known that the weather on the playa can be less than hospitable. Extreme desert heat, high winds, with blowing dust coupled with never ending dance parties and it is very easy to become dehydrated and depleted of the nutrients necessary to help you feel great.  Lack of sleep furthers the stress on your body limiting your ability to be out enjoying the many gifts of Burning Man.  Preparation for burning man takes months if not most of the year, preparing your body is just as important. 

The week before be sure to drink plenty of electrolyte infused fluids and get plenty of rest. Consider treating yourself to our Pre-Party Prep treatment or our Pre-Burner Booster to be sure you hit the playa full of the exuberance needed to match the mood of the festivities.  Our IV vitamin infusions are filled with all the necessary nutrients to keep you looking and feeling your best.   Consider getting a B12 shot for a quick energy boost that will help get you through the week of partying.  Look for us by Whole Foods in Reno or Savemart on Keystone.

When you finally leave Black Rock City exhausted and sad that it is over, rejuvenate from the inside out with our After Party Antidote or our Festival Fatigue Fighter treatments.  Consider a B12 shot to enhance your mood and increase positive energy to help with the post burn blues Rapid Recovery’s team of nurses will be poolside at the Grand Sierra Resort for the Great Depressurization ready to help you relax and recover and keep the vibe going just a little longer.  We also have nurses available for delivery of treatments to you all around the Reno and Tahoe area.  Ask us about group specials as well. This year, gift yourself and members of your camp health and happiness with one of our IV vitamin infusions pre or post burn.

Call (855)277-7655 or Email [email protected]

Enjoy Every Moment of Tahoe Wanderlust Festival

By Kami Dunbar, NP

One of the highlights of summer in Tahoe is the Wanderlust Festival at Squaw Valley. We are
lucky to have this multi-day event of yoga classes, spiritual seminars and night time festivities in our area. Those who have been before know the schedule can be grueling. After several yoga classes a day, plus the night time music events and staying up late, you may feel exhausted, low energy or unbalanced as you continue the weekend classes and events.

Coming up to altitude can be difficult, especially with all of the physical activity you will be
participating in. It can be hard to stay hydrated, well rested and have your electrolytes and vitamins well balanced. If you aren’t balanced and hydrated, it is impossible to give your
maximum energy towards your yoga practice.

In addition, the weather is hot and dry in the summer and the sun shines stronger here at higher
altitude in the mountains. Stay safe and be sure to drink plenty of water and electrolyte drinks
and wear your sunscreen. Try to eat balanced meals even though you will be busy. And look out for early signs of dehydration such as thirst, dry lips and skin, feeling exhausted, dizziness
and headaches.

Also, consider Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions to bring you back quickly so you don’t have
to miss any of your yoga classes or seminars that you have been planning on for weeks. We offer Vitamin B12 and B-Complex injections and also have IV hydration treatments to energize and balance you so that you can keep yoga-ing safely. Our IV hydration treatments given by nurses include fluids, vitamins and minerals to keep you hydrated, balanced and full of positive energy! We also have treatments that can help with muscle recovery and cramping in addition to treatments that help with altitude adjustment and jet lag. Check out our website or call us at (855)277-7655. We offer delivery options and also have a clinic location in Truckee by appointment. Just be sure to call 30 minutes before your desired clinic appointment time. Let one of our hydration hosts get you energized in as little as 30 minutes to an hour! Don’t miss out on any of Wanderlust feeling less than your best!

Also, special for Wanderlust only, we will waive the delivery fee for two patients or more
receiving IV hydration packages. Give us a call today!

Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions
(855) 277-7655
Delivery available
Clinic hours this Thursday late afternoon (3:30-6:30) and Friday-Sunday (9-6) by appointment only as we are on call and not on location.
10049 Martis Valley Dr., Unit G, Truckee, Ca. 96161.

Avoid Dehydration in Tahoe this 4th of July

By Kami Dunbar NP

Tahoe is one of the best places to celebrate the Fourth of July. The excitement is already building as tourists begin arriving to set up camp, get their boats in the water and finalize their recreation plans. With the lake level the highest it has been in years and the promise of extra hot, sunny weather, good times are guaranteed. It is important to remember as you paddle on the lake, play a round of golf, bike or hike the many trails, or relax on a deck at a BBQ, to stay hydrated.

At high altitude, the body loses more water than when at sea level. The bodies natural attempts to adjust to altitude leave one dehydrated. Add alcohol to the mix and the risk of dehydration is high. No one wants to spend a moment of this fun-filled holiday weekend feeling the effects of dehydration. Fatigue, headache, muddled thinking, increased thirst and muscle cramps, are just a few symptoms of dehydration that will limit your good time. Consider calling us for our Altitude Adjustments Treatment to get you hydrated, give you more energy and take away any nausea or headache you are feeling all while breathing in extra oxygen.

Due to an increase in heat related illnesses this time of year the CDC offers some recommendations to prevent dehydration and heat related illnesses. Drink plenty of water and consider sports drinks with extra electrolytes especially when being active in the sun. Take breaks from the sun and wear protective clothing. Avoid or limit alcohol and caffeine beverages.

Of course, for many, drinking alcohol goes hand in hand with 4th of July activities. Be sure to alternate alcohol containing beverages with a full glass of water and always drink in moderation. Alcohol is a diuretic causing the body to lose water by urinating. Also, drinking heavily leads to an inflamed stomach lining making it harder to absorb any water, electrolytes or ibuprofen you consume the morning after. And alcohol depletes your Vitamin B12 stores and leaves you fatigued. Nobody likes a hangover! Especially while on vacation. Prevention is key. Consider a Rapid Recovery Pre-Party Prep Treatment. And if all else fails, call us for the After Party Antidote.

If left untreated, dehydration can progress to heat stroke which is a life threatening condition. High fever, confusion, fainting, bright red skin, rapid heart rate are signs of heat stroke. This is a medical emergency and if you think you or a friend are having heat stroke, don’t hesitate to call 911 and move the person to cooler climate and attempt to cool the person by applying cool towels until help arrives. Children, the elderly and those with chronic illnesses are at greater risk for dehydration. Keep an eye on friends and family and encourage them to stay hydrated.

Sometimes our best efforts to stay hydrated fail and we feel less than perfect going into the second day of a holiday weekend. Rapid Recovery is here to deliver relief. We offer a full line of electrolyte infused fluids that one of our expert nurses administer right in your home to help you recover faster from the weekend festivities and keep you out there enjoying all that Tahoe has to offer. Please contact us to schedule a delivery if you want to feel great this holiday weekend.

IV Hydration Vitamin Infusions for the Athlete

Feel your best going into a race or competition and have more energy after and get back to training faster.

Summer is a popular time for many athletic events in the  Lake Tahoe / Truckee / Reno region, from marathons, triathlons and ultra runs to mountain and road biking races.  IV hydration and vitamin infusions are a great way to stay hydrated and feel your best during training, on the day of competition and post race.

Training and competing in an athletic event puts significant stress on the body producing cellular waste products and rapidly diminishing your body of essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.   A healthy dose of IV infused electrolytes helps remove the waste products that build up with exercise more quickly than oral hydration.  Athletes who have received IV hydration vitamin infusions note muscles recover more quickly and they are able to enjoy their post-race achievements much more.

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that we get in our diet daily and it is important for the formation of healthy red blood cells and the regeneration of healthy nerve tissues.  Healthy red blood cells are necessary to deliver oxygen to your muscles in order for them to function, a necessary component to athletic performance.  Vitamin B12 also plays a significant role in energy production in the body and improves sleep quality, a critical factor in muscle recovery.

Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C and Calcium are also important nutrients for the healthy functioning of cells.  These nutrients are necessary for utilizing the energy from our food, assisting in the removal of cell waste products and some are necessary for proper muscle contraction.  An article in the Denver Post, “Endurance Athletes Turn to Hydration by IV”, from July 2015, they reported that athletes who receive IV treatments reported feeling a quick energy boost and less fatigue and muscle pain following an event and are able to return to activity faster.  Many professional football teams have reported at least one third of the players using IV vitamin infusions pre-game to help prevent dehydration and have more energy throughout the game in order to perform their best.

More and more endurance athletes are turning to IV hydration to help boost their energy levels during an event and speed their recovery time post event.  Try our Pre-Performance Prep or Rapid Recovery treatments formulated especially for athletes before or after your next event and feel the difference!